Easter Egg Hunt Begins

As promised I’m launching the Easter Festivities and collections today. You;ll need to keep your eyes peeled and take part in both the hand-ins and the reporting to make the most of the prizes on hand :)

Play to Win
Every Five Minutes the Easter Ticker will look for random players that ave played in the last 24 hours. Awarding them an Easter Festive collectible. I will also be releasing 1000’s of Eggs into the loot system today and these will start to appear in your various loot boxes.

The Easter Eggs can be handed in at the Festive Centre for Festive Points and you should look out for my Easter Baskets and hand them in then report the fact OVER HERE for your REALLY Cool reward!

Easter Egg Hunt
I have also started hiding Easter Eggs on Promenades and in Offices for you to Spot and Report. Feel free to enter into the draw and win some free fuel as well for taking part OVER HERE. Should keep you busy for a while and with some nice prizes too!

Please Note: A reminder there is an ‘expiration’ to the Easter items. Therefore it is important that you barter, sell, hand in or do what ever you will with them before they expire on the 1st of May. This is in line with the game expiration changes we started a few years back.


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