CE Winter Olympics 2018

Winter Olympics – PyeongChang – 9th-25th February

This post is to confirm we will be running a festive period for the Winter Olympics. This will run from the Friday 9th of February through to the Sunday 25th of February. (Mirroring the games themselves).

During that time we will have Flag collection and ‘other’ activities for you to take part in. This year I will wrap it up punctually at 16:00 on Sunday. These days my working week starts at 4.00am so sadly staying up til midnight is no longer an option :)

Paralympic Games – PyeongChang 9th-18th March

Of course, we will also mirror this in March to follow the Paralympic Games. Again a separate set of flags and events. Well, that’s my weekend set for code and frolicks in the database :) Again this will be wrapped up at 16:00 on the Sunday.

I will be setting up some sub-competitions during these periods and various hand-ins and ‘things to do’ so keep a FIRM eye on the forums (dev and Competiton sections) and if your about come say hello in chat and perhaps win yourself a few pressies!


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  1. dragon says:

    More festivities, Coops? Lol! You should be about festived out by now! Collecting flags, Hmmmn, don’t know how good I will do, but i will give it a try. Keep up the good work, Coops, we appreciate you!


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