New NPC – EBK’s

Some of you have already spotted my new NPC added last night. She is Jerry Cooper over on New Orion in Feris.

Jerry works for the C.A.M.P Faction and is aimed at brand new players working their way through the Gunny Missions. Players who have never crafted anything and need to learn how to be self sufficient in the EBK department.

ANYONE CAN do Jerry’s missions but they are aimed at new players.

She is unique in the NPC line in that she not only gives you Schematics but ALSO the resources to go craft 50 Armour, Hull and Shield EBK’s.

It’s just a short mission line designed to aid NEW players understand that crafting doesn’t have to be hard and allows them to become self sufficient early on. As we have removed from the game the NPC stock sales of EBK’s this is fairly important. This doesn’t stop (nor should it) Players purchasing EBK’s from the emporiums and fellow trade players but it gives new players options.

Jerry will give XP, Credits, IP and CAMP Faction.

More New NPC’s coming soon.


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