More Cargo Expanders

I’ve been tinkering with some Excel Spreadsheets in the back ground for some time now. Looking to add a new collection of mid to end game ship based items. These would be things like Cargo Expanders, Shield, Reactors, Weapons.

Having cleared the desk of Mining Barges and taken a short break from ‘hammering the new player experience with a Big hammer on Dev’ I thought I’d release the first of these.

So today I’ve loaded on to the live server 190 new Cargo Expanders. These run from Captain Level 100 to Level 200. These are LOOT ONLY items. So locating them is the luck of the draw but where ever there is a ‘Hey you found one of these’ in the game then you have a chance to grab one of these.

These are ALL classed as Rare Items and as such will not appear in the C.E. Data Repository.

You will find these slide up and down the various scales with savings on skills, levels, power requirements and increasing in cargo etc. These are also able to be Forged so you can continue to keep making better equipment over time.

As I release ‘other’ sections to the game I will announce them.


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