Happy Halloween 2018

I just wanted to take a few minutes out of the day to say Happy Halloween – October is a fun time of year and more so here at Core-Exiles as we start to ramp up our festivities!

Pumpkins on Promenades, Pumpkins in loot and being awarded for simply Playing!

Then there are the Special October Pumpkin Pods for trading in all those pumpkins you have been fiding, not to mention the Festive Pumpkin NPC’s dotted around the game.

So have a happy October and I hope your coming Pumpkin festivities are safe and fun!



  1. Prince Pranav says:

    thanks for all the festival items and forem compedetions with freeGift packs.

  2. OConnor says:

    Awesome event great getting a hold of a new POD

  3. Sarqindi says:

    I have only been in this game for a short while, but the game is really active and lots of stuff happens all the time!

    Oh, and if you are a veteran gamer like me, who used to play Elite and Eve-Online, you will love Core-Exiles!

  4. Korthen says:

    Great fun collecting and trading. Picked up about 8 extractor productivity and turrets.

  5. Wannabekilla says:

    It was a great event and i had tone of fun. Hope to be here next year for similar experience. Thanks Coops!

  6. Wannabekilla says:

    It was a great event and i had a ton of fun. New event is up apparently 🙂 Thanks Coops!!!

  7. Geistware says:

    Contest and festivities here at Core Exiles are exciting, fun and easy. All you need to do to win is just play the game!

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