Halloween Festivities Begin

Halloween Festivities

The Halloween Festivities will start in about half an hour or so and run through October to the 2nd of November. There will be the usual arrival of the Halloween Festive Staff wanting to collect your hard-earned Halloween Pumpkins off you for a prize.

Plus this year we will also be running a Halloween Exchange. This is something only available at Halloween so listen up. During the Halloween festivities, you will be awarded Halloween Pumpkins for your play time here at Core-Exiles.

Play more and collect more Pumpkins. These you can hand into the Festive Center (for festive Points) OR the Halloween NPC’s ORtraded in at the Halloween Exchanges. The Exchange in return will be selling a range of Goodies. These are special bonus game items only available during this period and will likely be very much sought after :)

Each item in the Exchange will be purchased with Exchange points you have earnt from handing in the Pumpkins. So the more you hand in the more points you will have to spend.

The Exchange will remain open until Midnight on November the 5th. The Halloween Pumpkins will Self-destruct after the 15th of November as usual.

So plan to be playing over the Halloween Festive Period here and collect and HAND IN those Pumpkins!

You can find the Exchanges at the following Locations:

Beud – Jeilt – Verec-per
Blake – Casmar Station – Furnace
Dashan – Furia Station – Furnace
Feris – Starbase-51 – Sphere
Trantor – Popovich – Anvil
Yam – Coalition 1 – Expanse
Zarante – Berolina – The Forge


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