Coops Challenge Number 8

Eighth Coops Challenge Active!

I have this morning at 11:00 AM activated the Eighth Coops Challenge. This means that activities in game are now being tracked (by player and profession) and if included count towards the Goals set in the Coops Challenge.

You can access the Challenge Status Screen in game via the CE Guides Tab and then click on the ‘Coops Challenge’ link.

For those new to Challenges, you will find that there are a lot of activities now being tracked with varying goals to meet to breach each goal and move on to the next. These include all the primary professions and even include a Hand in of A.I Data Research – Sections that are being recovered and awarded to you for simply playing. These SHOULD be handed in at any of the Coops Challenge Exchange Offices that have been opened during the Challenge. Each one is valued at 10 Festive Points to be awarded when they are handed in at one of the aforementioned Offices.

Global Fuel Ticket & Goodie Bag
As each goal is breached a counter goes up by 1 increasing a final hand out of a global Fuel Ticket for the entire Server on the day after the competition closes. It also increases the ‘Coops Goodie Bag’. The goodie bag will be posted and added to once the first goal has been reached.

Mech War Stages

There are also Three MECH stages this time around and that means you will need to be placing Mechs into the mech zones to knock out as many ‘Pirate’ Mechs as you can this time around!

To take part and for your kills to Count you need to have a PL at the beginning of your mechs name. IE ‘PLonker mech’ or ‘PL Killer Mech’

There will also be special PRIZE MECHS added but I will post on this separately in the competition thread so keep your eyes peeled!

Three New Sections
I have added THREE new sections to this Challenge. The first was an obvious choice and that’s RAID resources Salvaged. That means that’s those killing the raids help count towards the RAID death kill score whilst those clearing up to allow more to spawn ALSO count to a new RAID Salvage section.

The other two are Both Planet and Derelict Exploration. This refers to straightforward walking around exploring and not the sub-skills/hobbies that we all do whilst doing these activities. But if you explore a Derelict or planet you are now also increasing these goals activities.

Personal Rewards
I will also be looking through the player’s logs and accumulated data AFTER the competition closes and awarding some special prizes to those who for THEIR LEVEL did really well. That means there is as much incentive for level 10 players as level 200 players to take part!

Generally speaking, this is a time of great festivities and we give a lot away and hope you will enjoy the festivities and have fun as always.

A list of Coops Challenge hand in points can be found in the Official ForumsΒ

GAME ON and Good Luck Captains!


  1. wadewatts says:

    I really enjoy these competitions. No matter what part of CE you enjoy the most, there is always something for you to take part in the challenges. Thanks for another great challenge.

  2. Henry says:

    Challange # 8 was a fun one. enjoyed FOM and Cargo missions.

  3. Cashew says:

    I had some fun in the Mech arena this time around. Thank you for running the contests. Cashew

  4. Hadron says:

    Thank you Coops, Challenges are always fun and do like the way you changed up the goals this time around.

  5. Dvg125 says:

    Thank you Coops for this challenge comp and for creating and constantly evolving this fantastic game.
    Looking forward to playing for many more years to come.

  6. dagarush says:

    Another great event with even new challenges. My only complaint is that I did not have more time to play due to RL. There is always something new in CE!

    Thanks Coops for the fun.

  7. vongrippen says:

    I dont really have much time to play any games at all,but still the game I end up making time for specially during challenges is Core exiles.
    I liked the new challenges for the planet exploration plus derelicts this time, even though I couldnt do much due to christmas and stuff.
    Still, I look forward to the Coops challenges they spice up the already fun game for me.

  8. Mastafunk says:

    As a returning player from many years ago I have been pleasantly surprised by the ongoing development of ce during my absence, particularly in relation to corporations, which is an exciting and challenging new aspect to ce. It is the start of my corporate empire within the exiciting world of ce

  9. Albert Ross says:

    I have been playing CE five to seven times a week for seven years now. How many games can do that to you?

  10. Moonblade says:

    Thank you for the challence Coops and for creating and constantly evolving this fantastic game. I’ve been playing for 6 years now and I am looking forward to many more.

  11. Droza says:

    Having been absent for a number of months I am back and enjoying playing as much as previously. The game is always providing new challenges, and as a new settlement developer there has been a whole new facet to consider. Thank you Coops, keep up the good work.

  12. Shane says:

    I joined CE at the beginning of December, and I couldn’t have joined at a better time! There are lots of great things about CE and this challenge, one of which is that I hardly felt like a new player, with so many things to do and so many ways to get levels and credits. Not to mention all those help that I got from the people. Another thing was that having a low level didn’t prevent us new players from taking part in the challenge and win fantastic prises! One thing that I regret is not finding and joining CE much sooner, because I have missed the previous events! πŸ™‚

  13. Gorkus says:

    Three days till my one year anniversary playing CE and I’m still loving it. The longevity of my interest is mostly due to the dev, Coops, and his tireless effort to keep the game fresh – as evidenced by events like the Coops Christmas Challenge we all just finished.

  14. samson says:

    thanks coops for putting together these challenges. I look forward to the next one. – Samson

  15. king david says:

    the challenges are always a lot of Fun. I really like the raids and the raid cleanup- King David

  16. Gruntok says:

    Can’t believe this was my eighth challenge already! As I once said to Coops, Core Exiles is not just a game, is a life partner. It never gets old, and with new additions coming all the time, I could never leave. Long live Coops, CE and the CE universe.

  17. Holiday says:

    This was a heck of allot of fun. It was the first Coop’s Challenge I really went all in on, over 20k combat kills. Maybe I went a little too overboard but it was well worth it with all the amazing prizes at the end.

  18. Jager 602 says:

    Challenges are awesome. I think I’ve participated in all 8 and they’ve all been loads of fun. I always feel like I could’ve done more and look forward to trying harder the next time πŸ™‚

  19. samudra says:

    This time we can completed all combat stages including Ai & Alien
    Next challenge we will do it again – we have Holiday now

  20. Adam Smith says:

    Was a fun event. Thanks for running it and for the bag of goodies.

  21. CatriaReeds says:

    Here I contributed mostly by mining, Ashar/Wesbec and, of course, passengers. Hopefully I can get more passengers hauled next time…

  22. Bas Vijlbrief says:

    It was Fun participating in the challanges, Looking forward to the next challange set! πŸ˜€

  23. ReformeD says:

    Was fun to contribute to the set goals. πŸ˜€

  24. Geistware says:

    This is winding down a very festive Christmas with all the game give aways and competitions. Also, bonus rewards for contributing during the giving season. All these things and more may Core Exiles the place to be for fun and relaxation!

  25. Hot100 says:

    First Coops challenge I participated in. Only started with CE end of October. Had a lot of fun participating in a number of activities together with many other players we unlocked a good number of objectives and even bonus levels. To my surprise – being not a high-level player yet – I even made it onto winner’s list and got a whole bundle of excellent rewards!
    Great game, good fun, fantastic community with Devs, staff and players from all over the world.
    Already looking forward to next challenge! Thanks again, Coops!

  26. Yogan says:

    Coops challenges bring players together to complete server wide goals, and sometimes getting players to try somethings they never have before.

    Thanks Coops for these events I always enjoy them when they happen.

  27. Korthen says:

    And a great event it was. Congrats to the special prize winners. Guess we will need to kill more Raids next time to get the Salvage challenge done.

  28. prince pranav says:

    happy to participate in mech and other raid compedetions .

    hope to see more of such challenges .

  29. Siddharth says:

    thank you coops for wonderful chalange 8 once again and generous rewards

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